Mrs Lisa Gillard


Lisa Gillard

Phone: 0437 868 466

I’m an active mum of 4 great kids, my school involvement has stemmed from them and it has flowed on to me becoming very passionate about Public Education in this State!

My School involvement Ulverstone Primary 2002-2015, Ulverstone High 2009-2016, Don College 2014-present. I joined Tas. P&F now TASSO in 2006. It’s been a long road with many ups and downs over the years, and it has been well worth the journey knowing that I am making a positive contribution to the education of young Tasmanians and even more affective advocator with increasing knowledge. I have and continue to represent TASSO on many different committees, as well as a range of working groups and advocate for parents in public schools.

Current representation includes:
Education Act Implementation Working Group
My Education
Community Empowered Schools
Curriculum Framework Advisory Group for Years 11 & 12
Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network.

Mr Jared Dickason

Senior Vice President
School Association Committee Member of: Goulburn St Primary

Areas of Interest:
• The improvement of Resources for Public Schools
• Structure and Management of TASSO

Background: I have 30 years experience in the sales, marketing, logistics and the hospitality industries. Throughout this time I have owned, managed and run businesses from 3 employees to 80 employees, in business as varied as primary produces such as vineyards and wineries to businesses providing support to the Aged Care industry in Tasmania. I have been involved in numerous charity organisations must recently Hobart City Mission and the establishment of Permission to Eat Café.

Mr Nigel Jones

Junior Vice President
School Association Committee Member of: Lindisfarne North Primary and Clarence High

Areas of Interest: Children with disabilities being provided with adequate resources, the adequate resourcing of Learning Centres, school canteens providing healthy food, adequate infrastructure for schools, safe environment in schools, and School Associations good governance.

Background: Nigel has over 25 years’ Experience with Parent & Friends, and School Associations holding various positions including Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Nigel has been involved in many school closures, mergers and re-locations bringing better educational outcomes for the Students and broader Curriculum choices.

With a background in the Media Nigel would like to see more schools offer Media Studies as part of their curriculum. Parent empowerment in schools working alongside teachers and principals for better outcomes. Better resources in schools for those with learning difficulties, especially for those children that don’t meet the criteria for funding.

Mr Gary Morse


Mr Phillip Spratt

North-West Delegate

Phillip Spratt Ph: 0439 893 184

School Association Committee Member of: Don College Association

Phillip Spratt MBus ILPM President, Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO)

Phillip enjoys working with people to develop new ideas, explore fresh perspectives and balance them with what has gone before to produce creative outcomes and new partnerships. He also enjoys working with community groups, industry bodies and other organisations, in new environments and cultures……. Read more

Ellie Woolnough

Southern Delegate
School Association: Swansea Primary School Association.

Areas of Interest: Parent Engagement, Community Empowered Schools, Learning In Families Together.

Background: Ellie Woolnough joined TASSO in August 2017. She is a Tasmanian, married for 25 years, and currently her three children each attend a different public school. She brings to the committee a grassroots perspective on children, parents, schools and families. She is the President of Swansea Primary School Association Committee, and a member of both Triabunna District School Association and New Town High School Association. She believes that parent involvement has a truly positive effect on children’s learning, and that a parent’s role is to be an active partner in their children’s learning throughout their whole life. As a strong advocate of quality public education, she also sees that parent support for teachers, school staff and Principals builds stronger schools and more respectful students. Whilst on the TASSO committee she aims to build her skills and networks, maintain involvement in current educational issues and empower parents.

Mrs Lyn Spaulding

Northern Delegate

Mr Ben Cunningham

Northern Delegate
School Associations: Tasmanian eSchool School Association and Norwood Primary School School Association.

I am a proud father of three young boys in Primary School and I believe that as Parents we are our children’s best advocates. I have seen firsthand how being truly involved and committed to your children’s education that you can make a difference. I am one of many parents and teachers who are at present rebuilding the school association at the Tasmanian eSchool. We have a very unique and special school that teaches children at home and is a fundamental part of the Tasmanian education system.

I work in the transport industry as a supervisor with SRT Logistics in a small team that oversees the state-wide deliveries to Woolworths. Being a mad runner I participate in several running events around the state each year my favourites being the Cadbury marathon and the Freycinet Peninsular trail run. I enjoy taking my boys fishing and camping when time allows and toiling in the Garden.

Mr Peter Kearney

Northern Delegate

Lindie Read

North-West Delegate
Lindie Read has an ongoing commitment to public education and promoting the importance of positive family engagement within school communities. Valuing the role of parents as their child’s first educator and the important role families play in their children’s ongoing educational is pivotal. She has worked in the fields of Childcare, Disability services and in schools for the past 25 years. Lindie is presently the Don College School Association Secretary and Parents and Friends life member and Patron of Nixon Street Primary School. She is also a strong supporter of the arts within schools. She values the need for ongoing innovation within schools including the vocational sector and the need for flexible learning options to assist in helping to engage or reengage more students. She believes that all children and adults should have the opportunity to self-actualise and reach their fullest potential and access to education is key to this outcome. As such, greater equity is also an ongoing priority and she will continue to support the fight for our state school students and staff to have the resourcing and support they need to encourage success and excellence. She also believes that it is also important that State schools also remain inclusive, secular and safe learning places for all.

Chris Lynch

North-West Delegate