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About Debra McOrist-Mitchell

I have been involved with TASSO since 2012 and am currently employed as the Operations Manager. This job allows me to further develop my passion for public education. The area I am most interested in is Authentic Parent Engagement. Where parents and schools work side by side to enhance the education of students through effective [...]

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About Mr Ben Cunningham

School Associations: Tasmanian eSchool School Association and Norwood Primary School School Association. I am a proud father of three young boys in Primary School and I believe that as Parents we are our children’s best advocates. I have seen firsthand how being truly involved and committed to your children’s education that you can make a [...]

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About Ellie Woolnough

School Association: Swansea Primary School Association. Areas of Interest: Parent Engagement, Community Empowered Schools, Learning In Families Together. Background: Ellie Woolnough joined TASSO in August 2017. She is a Tasmanian, married for 25 years, and currently her three children each attend a different public school. She brings to the committee a grassroots perspective on children, [...]

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About Lindie Read

Lindie has an ongoing commitment to public education and promoting the importance of positive family engagement within school communities. Valuing the role of parents as their child’s first educator and the important role families play in their children's ongoing education is pivotal. She has worked in the fields of Childcare, Disability services and in schools [...]

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About Mr Nigel Jones

School Association Committee Member of: Lindisfarne North Primary and Clarence High Areas of Interest: Children with disabilities being provided with adequate resources, the adequate resourcing of Learning Centres, school canteens providing healthy food, adequate infrastructure for schools, safe environment in schools, and School Associations good governance. Background: Nigel has over 25 years’ Experience with Parent [...]

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President’s Message November 2017

Conflict Prevention and Resolution Unfortunately, sometimes disagreements happen, not only in our personal lives but also in our schools, committees, and associations. It’s important to remember that as a community, we come from a wide range of backgrounds, life experiences and biases, and this impacts how we interact with those around us. Disagreements can happen [...]

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