Wendy is a very busy mum of four children who attend Scottsdale Primary and High Schools. Wendy is a member of both School Associations, holding positions as Chairperson on both committees. Along with these commitments, she is a member of the Parents and Friends sub-committee and a Canteen sub-committee member. She joined the TASSO Management Committee in 2018 as a Northern Delegate and was elected to the role of Secretary on the TASSO Board in September 2020.

Amongst School Association duties Wendy enjoys spending valued time with her family participating in fishing, riding motorbikes, hunting for wild mushrooms and camping. Wendy has a mixture of work experience – hospitality, seamstress work, embroidery, dairy farming for a period of 18 years and is now studying Hospitality in the Dorset Trade Training Centre at Scottsdale High School.

Wendy would like to see every child have a minimum of year 12 education, with encouragement to complete further education in their desired school without the concern that some schools are better equipped than others for the same subject. Parental engagement is also very important to Wendy, and she would like all parents/guardians to feel engaged in their school community and to see themselves as a very pivotal role model for their child’s future.