I have been involved with TASSO since 2012 and am currently employed as the Operations Manager. This job allows me to further develop my passion for public education.

The area I am most interested in is Authentic Parent Engagement. Where parents and schools work side by side to enhance the education of students through effective two-way communication, mutual respect and genuine relationships. Where the parent voice is represented and heard by the decision-makers in public education ranging from the local school to all levels of government and bureaucracy.

I want to see a Tasmania where students in public education receive a high-quality education regardless of where they live.


I have two children who have attended a District School for their entire school education thus far, with one now secondary and the other primary. I attended my first school association committee meeting the year my eldest child started Kindergarten and apart from a two-year break I have been actively involved in the committee, as has my partner. This has broadened my knowledge and shown me how much better a school can be if everyone works together and the on flowing benefits for everyone.