Welcome back to 2018

And so, it begins a brand-new school year with all its excitement, wonder, stress and contemplating of what lies ahead. I remember being a first-time parent sending our eldest child off to Kinder it was a time of mixed emotions and I don’t think it was any different when our other 3 started, it was an empty nest feeling walking through the door at home after we had dropped our youngest child off for his first day of Kinder. I looked at my hubby and burst into tears “what do I do now”! It was much different when they started high school and college wondering how they settled in and a lot of questions when they got home on how their first day of school went. I am sure it is no different for anyone else. School is so important and as parents our behavior can play a large part in how children transition in to school. Regardless of how old my children were, taking the time to talk with their teacher was important, trying to establish a partnership by working together on how to develop strategies to make their school experience and ours a more positive.

2018 is off to an interesting start with a state election only weeks away. TASSO has prepared an Election Position Statement which can be found later in the newsletter. All responses from candidates will be shared on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tasso.org.au/ and website https://tasso.org.au

This is the first year of the full roll out of the Education Act 2016 which will see all school associations operating under a new constitution and reviewing school-based policies, this will be a fantastic chance to involve more parents of the school association by getting input and feedback from them. Remember to contact us if we can be of any assistance, even if it is to act as a sounding board.

TASSO also known as the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations Inc. provide guidance and advice to school associations, parents and students in Tasmanian State Schools and representation on many government and non-government groups. We provide the parent voice informed by your input. Your views are important and that is why during 2018 TASSO will be conducting more surveys, asking for feedback and continue visiting schools, conducting workshops and forums.