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Debra McOrist-Mitchell

Operations Manager

I have been involved with TASSO since 2012 and am currently employed as the Operations Manager. This job allows me to further develop my passion for public education.

The area I am most interested in is Authentic Parent Engagement. Where parents and schools work side by side to enhance the education of students through effective two-way communication, mutual respect and genuine relationships. Where the parent voice is represented and heard by the decision-makers in public education ranging from the local school to all levels of government and bureaucracy.

I want to see a Tasmania where students in public education receive a high-quality education regardless of where they live.
Background: I have two children who have attended a District School for their entire school education… Read more

Regina Williams


I have over 30 years of combined experience working in the finance and disability field.  Most recently working for a period of 13 years in the disability sector as a Human Resources Manager in a not for profit organisation that provides support and employment for people living with a disability.  This role encompassed quality assurance, management of federal funding, risk management, change management, workplace health and safety, recruitment and staff and employee development, amongst many other responsibilities.

I have a strong view that education is the right of every child.  Education should provide equal access for all students, aiding students to achieve their full potential and to participate in society to the best of their ability.

I have two grown children that have both been educated through the state and private education sector, where I undertook the inevitable roles of juggling being a soccer / basketball/ gymnastics / girl guide parent.  I now have a grand child who has just commenced their education journey at a state school…Read More



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