Annual General Meetings (AGMs) can be a little daunting, but they don’t need to be.

Most School Associations are required to hold their AGM around March 31 each year. If you are unsure of your schools association year you can find the date in your constitution (2.1 Definitions – general – School Association Year).

Your constitution can be found here:

You need to advertise the AGM publicly 14 days prior to the event. Advertising can be via the schools Facebook page and/or the Association Facebook page and/or the School Newsletter, there is no need to pay for a newspaper advert.

The committee determines the members to retire at the end of the AGM (generally half of parents, staff and community members) usually at the last meeting prior to the AGM. Retiring members can re-nominate. Committee Members sit for a term of 2 years. A rotating committee helps provide continuity.

The Principal appoints the returning officer (often the School Business Manager) who is responsible for calling for nomination to fill the vacant positions on the committee. We recommend the Chairperson and Secretary working together with the returning officer and following the Holding Elections Checklist to assist when calling for nominations, and voting process (if required).

The Association financials will need to be audited prior to the AGM. Information on who can perform the audit can be found in the School Association Secretary Instructions No. 7 (3.10.3 External Auditing of Financial Affairs).

AGM quorum is your committee size plus 1. Remember all parents, carers, educators and staff are members of your School Association and are invited to attend the AGM, all count to quorum and are entitled to vote.

The appointment of Office-Bearers of the new committee occurs at the first committee meeting post AGM. For many this meeting would directly proceed the close of the AGM. The Principal should take the Chair and call for nominations of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Chairperson. Only Committee Members are entitled to vote for their Office-Bearers.

These resources can help with planning: