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Role of a Treasurer

The treasurer of the School Association maintains proper books of account and financial records in relation to the affairs of the School Association.

For detailed information on the requirements of this role, click below.


Secretary’s Instructions

The Secretary’s Instruction issues directions for the formation, operation and administration of school associations.

Ministerial Instructions

School Association can not enter in to contracts exceeding $5000, employ, hold property, borrow or loan money without Minister permission.

Updating ABN’s

It’s your School Association’s responsibility to maintain your Australian business number (ABN) details.

Updating ABN Entity Name and Contacts

You may need to update your ABN Entity Name. To do so, follow these detailed instructions.

Updating ABN Contacts – Post AGM

Consider who on your committee becomes the contact person and associate for the ABN. To update this contact post-AGM, follow these instructions.

School Association and Banking

There are a number of rules that must be followed when undertaking banking as a school association. Use this resource as a guide.