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Making a Complaint

We’re here to help resolve any issues you might encounter within your State School Organisation or with TASSO. If you have concerns or complaints, please feel free to share them with us.

Your feedback is important to us. It helps us improve and work more effectively for all students and families.

How do i make a complaint at my school?

Step 1

Raise the concern with the class teacher and senior staff at the school. TASSO recommend emailing the class teacher with:

  • An outline of what happened.
  • Request a meeting to discuss.
  • Take a support person and take notes.

Step 2

Request a meeting via email and outline the concerns. Let them know you’re bringing a support person. Outline what you are seeking to understanding maybe it’s:

  • What actions have been taken so far?
  • What practices can you do to support your student.
  • What support from staff or counselling is available for you child?
  • What can you do, as parents, to help ensure that your child is at school and learning?

Your support person

Through the whole process you are welcome to have a support person with you. A support person can be:

  • Your partner
  • A friend
  • A family member
  • Someone from your School Association Committee

Have your support person make notes about the meeting.

The aim is to work with the school for an early resolution to ensure your student is safe and learning. If an early resolution is not achieved, then you can lodge a request for an internal review following.

Joining a Committee

If you’re interested in taking an active role in your State School Organisation, joining your school’s committee is a great way to do so.

Committee ballots take place before the end of the school association year, or if there is a vacancy. The Chairperson or Principal can give you more information about your committee. They can explain when nominations for the committee are due and what roles are available.