Dannielle is the mum of 3 young children. The children currently attend Beaconsfield Primary School and Dannielle is currently the Chairperson of the Beaconsfield Primary School Association.

Danielle recently launched a new business to sell her crafts that she loves to create – selling knitted and crocheted garments and sewing different creations, as well as creating professional cakes. Dannielle is also one of the co-founders of Rascal Robot Art Space, situated in Beaconsfield.  This is a place for creative children and young people. A place where they can learn, grow and build their confidence. This is an environment that fosters creativity and encourages free expression of ideas, and the chance to work with and learn from professional contemporary arts practitioners.  Amongst Danielle’s other interests are motorbike riding with her family, travelling the world and showing her children the different cultures the world has to offer.

October 2019 saw Dannielle join the TASSO Management Committee as a Northern Delegate and was elected to the role of Treasurer on the TASSO Board in September 2020.

Danielle’s work experience lies within the finance industry and small business.  This experience and the value she places on being involved in the community, and a hands-on parent with a desire to help improve the education of her children, places Dannielle in an ideal position to be an active and positive contributor to TASSO.

Being an active and engaged part of the School Association allows Dannielle to help upgrade equipment, facilities throughout the school and it also gives the parents a voice within the school community. Dannielle joined the TASSO group as she believes this is another platform to benefit schools and provides the opportunity to access many tools to unite the schooling community.

As quoted by Dannielle ‘Our children’s education is in our hands, it is what we do as parents that will affect our children’s schooling experience.’