Nigel began his journey with TASSO in 2011 and since then has held a variety of positions, including Southern Delegate, Senior Vice President and most recently concluding 2 years as President.

Nigel has extensive experience in Tasmanian public schools, on Parents and Friends and School Associations Committees extending beyond two decades. Nigel also coached sport at the primary school level, knowing the importance of how sport-based programs in schools improve student’s health and wellbeing.

Nigel is currently a Community Rep on the Lindisfarne North Primary School Association and Vice-Chair of the Clarence High School Association Committee and will soon be sitting on a College School Association as a parent rep.

With decades of experience with school committees, Nigel has a deep understanding of the ups and downs that schools can face, including relocation, mergers, closure, improved educational outcomes, inclusion, and the widening scope of the curriculum. Nigel has seen and experienced the difficulties faced by parents/families/carers of children with a disability, which has culminated in Nigel being accepted on the Ministerial inclusion Advisory Panel for children with a disability. The Panel was formed to guide the Educational Funding Adjustment Model which commenced at the beginning of 2020.

Nigel currently works in the media and would like to see more schools offer media studies so students can be better informed and understand the media landscape in the world today.  Nigel is passionate about the need to improve resources for those students with learning difficulties and mental health in schools, and the empowerment of families to enable them to work alongside teachers and principals for better educational outcomes for students.