Neil is a current Board member of TASSO. He has been an active member of the Sheffield and Deloraine Primary School Associations and is in his third year as Chair of Deloraine.

Neil proudly has three daughters, two currently at the Deloraine Primary School and an older daughter who is an Associate Lawyer with the Department of Public Prosecution in Melbourne.

Neil has studied at the tertiary level in Accounting and Economics, Applied Science (Physical Education), and Visual Arts.

Neil has a keen interest in sport, particularly rowing, where he has both competed and coached on the Australian Rowing Team. He was employed as High-Performance Rowing Coach at the Queensland Academy of Sport and The South Australian Sports Institute.

Neil currently assists his wife Martine in the running of their Sportswear manufacturing business ‘Simply Oarsome’ and is proud to be one of the very few manufacturers still making garments in Australia.

Neil’s life experience has meant close contact with a large number of schools, private and public, and many Universities, which combined with his current involvement in the public-school sector, has helped develop a passion for equity in the resourcing of our public schools.

Neil is a passionate advocate for the support of teachers and teaching, and at the same time recognises the importance of parent and family engagement as a means of enhancing our children’s educational opportunity and outcomes.