Of importance for all families/carers

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training announced on the 30 June 2020 that outstanding Tasmanian government school levies would be waived.

Historical debts from 2019 and prior, total approximately $2.8 million and covering nearly 13,000 outstanding individual debts would be waived.  The Government hopes that by clearing these outstanding debts, they will be providing Tasmanians with an extra element of support in resetting their financial plans as we recover from the impact of Covid-19.

This announcement is in addition to taking action to waive all 2020 Tasmanian School Government levies and refund amounts already paid earlier this year.


REGIONAL MEETINGS – North-West, North & South

For the first time Regional Meetings were held at 3 relocations with online participation available. The theme for Term 3 Regional Meetings was ‘Effective School Communities’.  There was increased participation during these meetings with TASSO providing online participation for those that were unable to attend at the venues provided – and we received very positive feedback from participants.


Meetings have been continued through team viewer / zoom, calls and emails received in the office.  Many queries have been handled from parents, school associations and other organisations.  Some of the topics of interest were the overcrowding of school buses, school buses being fitted with seat belts, lack of available school uniforms,  protocols for attending school during COVID and School Associations conducting AGM’s and Constitutions.

Meetings and interviews have been held with:

  • Department of Education (DoE):
    • Minister Jeremy Rockliff
    • Family Engagement
  • Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS) – Covid-19 strategies fortnightly catchups
    • Board Meeting
    • Delegates Meeting
  • Radio, Newspaper & TV Interviews
    • WIN TV & Mercury – re. New Hobart High School
    • ABC Radio – STAS (Student Assistance Scheme)
    • Examiner – Leavers Dinners & Dancing
    • ABC Northern Breakfast – School Exams and Mental Health
  • Tasmanian Labor Leader – Rebecca White


Management Committee Training

Members of the Management Committee received updated technology and training to allow improved connection and accessibility to the community and the TASSO Management Committee in general, particularly under the current environment of Covid-19.  Members are located around the state.  This new technology will allow the Committee to meet on a more regular basis via Teams.  It has also promoted thinking around new ways of reaching all School Associations, ie. participating in on-line School Association meetings, Regional Meetings, AGM’s, etc.

TASSO Annual General Meeting

A lot of work is underway to prepare for the TASSO AGM on the evening of Wednesday 16 September 2020.  The AGM is to be held in 3 locations – Ulverstone, Launceston and Lindisfarne along with on-line participation.