Dear members,

As you would be aware the Education Act 2016 has recently been passed by the Parliament and the implementation project has commenced from within the Department of Education.

From recent conversations with key department personnel, we have been able to confirm the following key points:

  • All school associations (regardless of current circumstances) will continue to exist and will automatically be incorporated under the Education Act (2016) when it comes into effect on 10 July 2017.
  • There is no action that any school association needs to take to ensure it is incorporated from 10 July 2017.
  • Incorporated Parents and Friends groups will be effected by the implementation of the Education Act 2016 and will need to liaise with TASSO and DoE to work on their individual needs
  • A new constitution will be developed for all school associations by the DoE, and TASSO will be consulted as it is developed.
  • On 10 July 2017 associations can choose to adopt the new model constitution, or keep their existing constitution in place while seeking to develop an amended version for approval (by 31 December 2017)
  • The Department will continue to work closely with TASSO to ensure a smooth transition to the new Education Act 2016.

During the recent meeting with departmental personnel the need for information from all parent groups to the questions on the attached sheet was discussed.  This information will assist in composing a clear picture of how the interests and operations of associations has grown over time.  It will also help identify any specific local matters where parent groups might benefit from some assistance in addressing before the new Act comes into effect.

Please complete the attached brief questionnaire and return it to TASSO by close of business 16 December 2016.   The information will ensure that any further actions required under the Act, due to individual Associations situations, can be addressed with the support of the Department. Information will be shared with the Education Department and retained by TASSO.

Please copy as required to allow all parent groups in your school community to respond.

Any questions resulting from the new Act can be directed to either:
TASSO (Cassandra Wells 0488 222 887, or Senior Vice President, Trinette Newell, 0447 464 857,
or the Department of Education (Alan Green, 6165 5784,

Kind regards
Trinette Newell
TASSO Senior Vice President

25 November 2016