State Schools Get off to a Flying Start to Improve Students Educational

Many parents and students have now settled into a new school year. Already schools are reporting
positive student behaviour and excellent work patterns , with students being creative and
adventurous in their studies.

This year hundreds of students have started school for the first time. For some parents it is their
first time in a school as a parent, and to hand your child over to a non-family member can cause
anxiety issues. School teachers and support staff are there to assist you and your child in making the
transition to school as less stressful as possible.

I recommend to all parents to get to know your child’s Teachers and Principal , these contacts can be
very useful in resolving any concerns you may have regarding school issues.
The start of a school year is always a strain on family budgets, with rising fees and uniform costs at a
time when incomes are struggling to meet outlays . I thoroughly recommend parents who are
finding it financially difficult to talk with your school Principal or Business Manager, they are always
happy to help with payment arrangements .

If you require financial help NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme) offers help , Centrelink also offer
advances on some welfare payments.

I recommend that parents move away from Payday Lenders, who charge exorbitant fees and may
cause more financial problems. Schools and the Department of Education are very sympathetic to
families in financial stress. No families are put into collection if an arrangement is in place, nor is a
student denied participating in a school activity due to non-payment of fees .

We are now in the second year of the New Education Act . The roll out of the Fairer Funding Model
is due in 2020, which should see no child with a disability disadvantaged in State Schools and

With a Federal Election this year state education will be front and centre of public debate; Public
Education deserves to be properly funded and resourced.

If any state school parent has any education related issue Tasso is here to offer advice or assistance.
We may not have all the answers, but we can direct you to the appropriate person who may be able
to solve your query . The office staff and management committee are here to help you and fight for
better educational outcomes in State School Education. If your School Association would like one of
our Committee members to visit at one of your meetings, please contact the office.

May 2019 for your child be a rewarding and enjoyable education experience.


Nigel Jones