Presidents Message May 2019

The first term of school life is done and dusted and what a first term it was. We had state school
students excelling in a range of sports. Academically we had primary, high and college students
achieving great results. Students creating new friends and many schools had parents entering
school life for the first time. Now after a hopefully relaxing Easter and first term break, we are all
focused on helping our students achieve the maximum potential in accordance with their ability .
This can be achieved by spending at least 30 minutes per night talking with your child and become
interested in their school work. If your child is finding school life challenging don’t ignore it. Ask
questions, make an appointment with your child’s class teacher, principal or grade leader. Research
shows parent engagement in your child’s learning can be rewarding, not only for your child but for
parents and the school.

This term there will be Community Consultation Meetings explaining the new fairer funding model
for students with a disability in 2020. The consultation public meetings will be held around
Tasmania. The model is called Educational Adjustments, New Approach to Assisting Students with a
disability to access, participate and engage in quality educational programs.

For more information
With the Federal Election on 18 May 2019, I urge all state school parents to look at all candidates
and political parties and support those that are committed to supporting quality state education
funding; providing money for purpose programs; infrastructure which mainly is a state issue but
funding that is in line with the cost of education. Some parties are pushing for the return of the
School Kids Bonus, which when last available helped many families with school costs .

TASSO over the last 5 months has been inundated with parent concerns about NAPLAN testing,
school levies and school uniform costs and questions about the roles and responsibilities of school

If any School Association would like TASSO Representatives to come to their meetings or visit their
school, please contact the office .

If any parent has a concern and would like to confidentially have it addressed, please contact our
staff on 62437718.

Nigel Jones