Welcome to the first edition of the newly returned TASSO News!
It has been a project that we have wanted to get off the ground for quite a while but time has not allowed!
What we aim to bring to you is the key content that is most relevant to parents, friends and community members of all state school in Tasmania.

August News 2019

The month of June was a very busy month for myself and the Management Committee of TASSO.  There was also the completion of Term 2 – giving students and teachers a well deserved break before moving into Term 3.
TASSO Committee Members and staff attended and participated in a multitude of forums and meetings during the month of June ensuring that the parent voice is heard, and the value of family engagement acknowledged – in particular:
  • There were several meetings with members of the Department of Education (DoE) to ensure communication is maintained between the department and TASSO.
    • There was an introductory meeting with DoE Community Liaison Managers Debbie Schofield-Gavin and Adrian Ferrier
  • ACSSO Member Reps Teleconference
  • Move Well East Well Steering Committee
  • TASSO Management Committee Members and Operations Manager attended School Association meetings x 2
  • UTAS Course Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Suicide Prevention Community Network Project  – meeting with Leader of the project Virginia Bashford
  • TASSO Management Committee Meeting – 15 June 2019

There was increased activity during the month of June with the media – fielding calls about the cleaners and grounds-peoples’ industrial action, mental health in schools , enrolment boundaries, teachers’ industrial action , school infrastructure , class sizes , mobile phones in schools and the delay in getting psychologist appointments for students.

The Management Committee and TASSO staff  have also seen an increase in contact from School Association Committees and other stakeholders.  It is pleasing to see a marked increase in TASSO resources being utilised and that TASSO is achieving their mission in  providing guidance and support for parents and students in state schools and colleges and assistance to school associations and their committees. It also important to note  TASSO also works closely with the relevant departments to aid in the resolution of concerns raised by stakeholders.

As some of you would know August is when we customarily hold our Conference and Annual General Meeting.  This year the Annual General Meeting has been moved to the 20 September 2019 and will be held at the TASSO site – 15 Rowitta Road Lindisfarne 7015.  Information about the AGM has been provided on our Website homepage, located below ‘Who Are We?’. The next Conference will be held in 2020 – watch this space.

TASSO has welcomed the appointment of Tom Preston to the part-time role of Communication Assistant.  Tom’s assistance with the ongoing management and development of social media platforms will be of great value.

I would like to remind everyone that if any School Association would like TASSO Representatives to come to their meetings or visit their school, please contact the office .

As a parent or guardian of a student in a state school or college, with a concern and are looking for information, please do not hesitate in contacting TASSO on 6243 7718 during business hours and having a confidential conversation.

Here is to a successful Term 3 for all students and their families.

Nigel Jones
TASSO President

It’s nearly upon us!

Coming up very very soon is TASSO’s Annual General Meeting, where members will convene from all around the state to talk about all things state schools.
The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be:
  • to confirm the minutes of the last annual general meeting;
  • to receive from the committee, auditor and servants of the Association reports upon the transactions of the Associations during the last preceding financial year;
  • to elect the officers of the Association and the ordinary committee members;
  • to appoint the auditor 
The annual general meeting may transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with the TASSO Constitution

The Details are listed below. If anyone who wishes to attend could kindly RSVP at your earliest convenience that would be greatly appreciated.  See you all there in September! 

Date: Friday, September 20th, 2019

Time: 7.00pm

Location: TASSO Office – 15 Rowitta Road, Lindisfarne

paranaple Convention Centre via Video                          Conferencing – 137 Rooke Street Devonport


26th July 2019

Stop and Prevent Bullying Forum

Recently the Hodgeman Liberal Government hosted a community forum into tackling bullying head-on and TASSO was there to represent our school’s and their organisations.

– The creation of a bully-free State – a state of kindness

– Reaching a shared community understanding of what bullying is and is not

– Building an evidence base to measure prevalence, what is working and what is not, and reporting on it

For more information click here

If you’re reading this newsletter there is a chance you may already have some idea of the work TASSO does… maybe not?

TASSO is an independent community based apolitical organisation founded in 1947. We are recognised in Tasmania and nationally as being the peak Tasmanian body representing families, students and school communities in the realm of public education.

We believe that an effective school system is a partnership of families, students, school community and Department of Education staff.

While we work to support school organisations regardless of their membership status with us, we do offer further benefits as paying members.

These include: The TASSO Management Committee and staff providing knowledge, support and guidance to :

School Associations, their Committees and communities, individual families, parents/carers and students to assist them to achieve the best educational outcomes.TASSO provides representation on like-minded government and non-government stakeholder groups.

What does your School Association get for their TASSO Membership?

  • The opportunity to attend, free of charge, TASSO workshops and forums held throughout Tasmania.
  • The ability to send two voting delegates to TASSO General Meetings, including the AGM, or have one proxy vote.
  • Representation through TASSO on government and non-government stakeholder groups and with Tasmanian Ministers, Shadow Ministers and Department .
  • TASSO newsletters and media releases.
  • The capacity to invite TASSO Representatives to your Committee meetings or other events you believe it would be advantageous.
  • The ability to nominate someone from your school as a candidate for election to the TASSO Management Committee

The opportunity to provide promotional information to TASSO for inclusion on our Facebook page and newsletter about events at your school, which would appeal to the wider community.

To sign your school organisation up or for any further information contact TASSO either by phoning 6243 7718 or emailing us
at info@tasso.org.au or click…..



We need you

Do you enjoy volunteering for your school organisation? Have you ever thought you would like to contribute more, or in a different way? TASSO is looking for delegates to fill several roles around the state to get a better representation regarding the wants and the needs of our schooling communities.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in I encourage you to follow the link below and read a little more on the roles of a delegate within TASSO.



In a new announcement from the government, there are set to be a whole host of changes in how our children with disabilities are supported at school.
  • From 2020, there will be a new approach to assisting students with disability to access, participate and engage in learning.
  • The new approach, called “Educational Adjustments” seeks to better align school supports and educational adjustments to the needs of the student.
  • “Educational Adjustments” provides a way to better identify the school supports and adjustments required for a student with disability, and a new funding model to better align funding to student need.
What’s changing
  • We’re moving away from a focus on diagnosis and deficit to what’s required to supporting the teaching and learning of the student with disability.
  • From 2020: Severe Disability Register (SDR) and 55-70 IQ funding will cease. As a result the SDR moderation processes in 2019 will not occur.
  • During 2019, the process for 55-70 IQ funding allocations remains unchanged.
  • Going forward, students with disability receiving educational adjustments will be supported according to need, not explicitly related to diagnosis and deficit
For a full account of changes click the picture above.
TASSO is a not for profit organisation who provide guidance and advocacy for parents and students in state schools and assistance to school associations, parents and friends and other parent groups.